Much of the time your internal corporate resources will probably find the talent you need in a timely fashion. So, when does it make sense to contact Siskin to discuss other options for adding talent?  Your answers to  the following questions will  shed light on situations that may derive a big benefit from our services.

Missed Goals and Opportunities

Think of a goal that is very important for your organization to achieve this year. How do  people feel about your organization's ability to achieve the goal this year? If a miss looks possible in areas such as revenue, reimbursement, quality, compliance, or patient satisfaction what impact will it make?
Think of a significant business problem your organization is faced with. How does management feel about the problem? What will the problem cost you in lost opportunities? If competitive problems, regulatory changes, HCAHPS scores, quality, clinical processes, budget overruns, or lack of  team engagement, are consuming resources, what opportunities are being missed?
When a lot depends on meeting a goal or opportunity and progress is uncertain, significant benefits will arise from investing in a search and hiring the person who can help secure the objective.

Key Individuals

The unexpected departure of a key contributor leads organizations to decide that they don't want to rely solely on advertising to quickly find top talent to fill the shoes. Launching a parallel search for the best candidate is the best way to ensure goals, operations, and services don't suffer.
What about  protecting your organization against the POSSIBILITY that a vital contributor might leave? SISKIN can keep you advised of star players in your industry who might be open to a career change. Make the time investment to let us know the type of candidate you would be interested in knowing about. That way you will have a plan B in the event something unexpected happens.

Contingency and Retained Search

In a contingency search you pay SISKIN a fee only if you hire a candidate as a result of our efforts. Contingency searches can augment your other strategies such as advertising and job postings, equipping you with a broader choice of candidates.
A retained search offers a turnkey approach to filling a position. You are relieved of  all the underlying tasks relating to internal or external candidates. We conduct an industry search for a slate of candidates and also evaluate internally-generated candidates. The search process incorporates the strategies you normally employ and adds a strategically-designed program to engage additional talent.
For retained searches, SISKIN charges an up-front partial payment followed by progress payments at agreed milestone during the project.


SISKIN is an active member of the Georgia Association of Personnel Services (GAPS), which is the premier professional association for the recruiting industry in Georgia.  SISKIN  continuously participates in the training and education programs offered by GAPS to enhance skills and maximize value to our clients.
SISKIN is also a member of the National Association of  Personnel Services (NAPS), an association of over 800 organizations that collectively promote, represent and advocate the staffing, searching and recruiting industry. NAPS is the most visible and influential association representing the industry in the nation. SISKIN leverages the certification and credentialing programs offered by NAPS to ensure best practices in searches we conduct on our clients' behalf.
SISKIN is guided by the NAPS and GAPS codes of ethics.

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